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East Village Pub + Eatery is a locally owned business by a mother and son team, Cheryl Desmeules and Mike Lambert.

Mike was born and raised in Fort McMurray and has worked most of his life under the coaching of Cheryl. At 14, he started as a busboy and later worked in every position to gain experience in the hospitality industry. At 22, he received his business degree from the University of Lethbridge. In 2018 Mike was chosen as one of Fort McMurray's Top 50 under 50.  


Cheryl has been in the hospitality industry in Fort McMurray for nearly 40 years with experience in hotels, restaurants, her own bakery, and local bars. She has successfully ran many food and beverage establishments, creating social outlets for live entertainment and tons of fundraising events.


Opening their own place was always dreamed about, but in 2012 the plans for East Village Pub + Eatery quickly developed, and in 2013 Cheryl and Mike began construction as their own General Contractors. It took 5 months of blood, sweat, and tears (literally) to build. 18-hour days were normal, coffee was a necessity, and naps in the booths during construction were common.

 Their experience and wealth of knowledge is what sets them apart. Cheryl, also known as “Mama Cheryl” to everyone that works for her, is such a caring and compassionate person with an eye for detail and finesse. Mike is full of knowledge, passionate, and extremely driven. Together they truly bring out the best in each other and their staff members. They do everything in their power to help us all succeed in life, make you feel less like an employee, and more like a member of their family.

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